Our Commitment to the Environment

We have implemented the necessary quality procedures to ensure our products meet the exact performance standards required to make them fit for purpose and align with the sustainability goals of our customers and community.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified and meet all relevant quality and environmental ISO standards.

All waste materials are correctly captured, stored, processed, or otherwise disposed of in a safe manner. The use of chemistry for film and plate processing is eliminated with digital printing.

We thrive on continuous improvement to offer great results, with an eye on the earth.

Why digital printing is better for your company and the environment

Ultra Labels digital printing capabilities are second to none. We use the latest HP Indigo technology, which provides customers with the most economical solution in the shortest possible time. We are energy intelligent, and you can be sure that your labels are printed with minimum impact on the environment.

Another benefit that digital printing provides on-demand printing, which is perfect for short runs and enables you to enjoy the luxury of only ordering what you need when you need it. Due to its technology, digital printing uses less electricity and consumables, thus reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

A Digital Production Stream Direct from Pixels to Print Provides:

Paper, Films and Inks

Papers, films and inks are the platform for making stunning labels and flexible packaging. We work with suppliers at the forefront of print technology. We offer recyclable materials and digital ink capabilities that reach 97% of Pantone® colour while also complying with regulations to meet environmental credentials such as TQCSI, one of the most professional certification bodies in the world.

Recyclable Materials

Recyclable packaging materials are another option to explore to enhance the eco-friendliness of your product. Technological developments mean we can offer you a choice of materials that are a kinder choice for the environment.

We work with our suppliers to align our environmental goals towards new sustainable solutions. At Ultra Labels, we are committed to improving our processes to comply with Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Environmental Policy

You can view our environmental policy below.

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