Made to Stand Out

The Flexible Alternative

Whether you are entering the market or an established brand, flexible packaging is the innovative alternative for your product packaging needs. 

Flexible packaging is incredibly customisable. There are almost endless options to differentiate your product, a growing range of materials offering diverse benefits including superior product protection and many functional additions to choose from. Our product specialists will guide you through your options and build a custom flexible packaging solution to suit your product perfectly. 

For businesses concerned with their environmental footprint, locally produced, digitally printed flexible packaging is a cost-effective, sustainable option compared to traditional rigid packaging alternatives.

A lineup of flexible packaging products made by Ultra Labels

Flexible options

Stand-up pouches

A selection of stand up pouches, made by Ultra Labels, one of their flexible packaging services.

The ideal choice for shelf presence and customer convenience – custom-made to enhance your brand and protect your product.


A selection of flexible packaging sachets that have been customised by Ultra Labels.

Digitally printed designs on premade sachets with either 2 or 3 sealed sides and your choice of optional add-ons.

Rewind & Roll Stock

Customisable roll stock, designed for flexible packaging

Rolls of flexible packaging material, designed to your exact specifications, ready for your Form, Fill & Seal or Flow & Wrap machinery.

Our 5 step process

We try to make the printing process as straightforward as possible.

An Ultra account manager will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your product and your brand. Our team has a deep technical knowledge of the materials that will be best suited to the end use environments of your product. They will also advise on the finishes and embellishments available so you can take advantage of the 360 degree branding opportunity flexible packaging offers.

In your quote, you will find all costs outlined upfront and once approved, the Ultra prepress team will create a proof of your artwork. You can make adjustments to ensure your design appears as intended on your packaging before final approval. 

We deliver your rewind or roll stock in 10 business days and stand-up pouches and premade sachets in 15-20 business days from the day you approve your final artwork.

Ultra Labels 5 step flexible packaging printing process.

Markets we serve

Flexible packaging designed for health foods by Ultra Labels.

Health foods

Flexible packaging designed for breakfast and grain products by Ultra Labels.

Breakfast & Grains

Flexible packaging designed for nutraceutical and supplement products by Ultra Labels.

Nutraceuticals & Supplements

Flexible packaging designed for pet products by Ultra Labels.

Pet Products

Flexible packaging designed for protein powders by Ultra Labels.

Protein Powders

Flexible packaging designed for snack foods by Ultra Labels.

Snack foods

Flexible packaging designed for supplementary foods by Ultra Labels.

Supplementary foods

The benefits of digitally printed flexible packaging

Sustainability icon promoting the most compelling reason to move to flexible packaging

A sustainable choice

For many businesses, environmental factors will be the most compelling reason to move to flexible packaging. Flexible packaging requires less water and energy to manufacture and transport and generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market. The product-to-package ratio also means less waste is sent to landfill. 

Flexible packaging with enhanced shelf appeal by Ultra Labels.

Enhanced shelf appeal

The options and materials available to use in flexible packaging enable many variations that enhance the appeal of your product at the point of sale. 

Pouches, sachets and rewind are available in multiple sizes and in a range of materials, including transparent and recyclable materials. Hang holes, tear notches, resealable zips, gussets, matt, gloss, foil – the possibilities are endless.

Flexible packaging printing with superior quality by Ultra Labels.

Superior print quality

Our digital technology enables crystal clear imagery and high-quality consistent colours, including specific hues, fine details and small fonts. Serial numbers, SKUs and barcodes are all sharp, and easy to read and scan.

Flexible packaging printing with multiple designs, packs and SKUs by Ultra Labels.

Multi packs and mulitple SKU's

An increasingly popular option is to offer your customers a variety of sachets or samples in a stand-up pouch. We can provide a combination of flexible packaging options together in one order.

An example of digital printing with multiple design options for flexible packaging

Customisation and variable data

Digital printing allows you to create multiple variations in the same run. Unique product numbers, messaging or QR codes that change from package to package are all possible.

Low Carb Mousse with flexible packaging that has been deigned by Ultra Labels.

Lower minimum orders

The short runs made possible by custom digital printing, mean less risk and greater cost efficiency.

A lineup of flexible packaging products made by Ultra Labels

Faster production times

Digital printing doesn’t require the creation of plates for each new job. This means that designs can be finalised and put into production and delivered to you and your customers much more quickly.

How we can help

We partner with some of Australia’s most loved and trusted brands to craft custom labelling and flexible packaging solutions that help products stand out and be noticed.

A wine label made by Ultra Labels