Custom cosmetic labels that don’t sacrifice style for substance

A collection of cosmetic labels and packaging printed by experts at Ultra Labels

When looking good counts

A premium product deserves a premium label. Your choice of label and cosmetic packaging communicates the value your brand places on quality, and the care that has been poured into your product line. The integrity of your brand aesthetic relies on your cosmetics labels consistently performing in a wide variety of environments – the bathroom, the shower, the cosmetics drawer, handbags – and remaining beautiful for the life of the product. 

Not only are custom labels essential in delivering the right information to your customers, but there are strict mandatory labelling standards that must be met. Of course, it’s important that these specifics are met, without disrupting the impact of your cosmetic label’s design. So many different components must come together to perfect your final product – there sure is a lot to consider.

We understand that selecting the right label printing company to partner with your business is a big decision.

A collection of skincare products with labels printed by Ultra Labels.
An essential oils bottle complete with label printed by Ultra Labels.

And performance matters, too.

We partner with some of Australia’s most loved beauty and personal care brands and are proud to produce the highest quality labels in the market. We understand the precise requirements of label printing for all kinds of cosmetic products. Leverage our deep experience and let our experts find the labelling and packaging solution that will suit your products and your business beautifully. Your success is our priority.

Unmatched customer service

Working closely with you every step of the way, the Ultra team ensures your vision comes to life through your new labels. Each and every Ultra client receives highly personalised, consistent, and superior service – it’s how we make sure you have a positive experience with us, every step of the way.

When you partner with Ultra, you will be assigned your own account manager. They’ll guide you through each phase of the cosmetic label printing process – from the first design to the final print. Your account manager knows the ins and outs of digital printing. So, you can be confident that your end result will be professional, personal, and fit for their final application. 

A delivery person with boxes from Ultra Label's label printing service
Cosmetic & Skincare Labels

Guaranteed fast turnaround on cosmetic and skincare labels

Take your products from warehouse to shelf sooner. With digital printing technology and intelligent processes, we bypass lengthy production times for your cosmetic packaging solutions.

How can we help you with your custom cosmetic labels?

We are proud to have helped some of Australia’s most loved brands realise their cosmetic label visions. Need some advice about cosmetic packaging? Our friendly team of label and packaging specialists will be more than happy to help you stand out on the shelf.

Stunning labels for a stunning product

At Ultra, we take great pride in getting to bring your cosmetic products to life. With our digital printing quality, your label design will be sure to capture your target market. You can order your skincare labels with a variety of finishes and embellishments.

Whether you’re dreaming of a sophisticated embossed style or bold and textured, your team at Ultra will make it happen. We know your labels count when it comes to brand presence and attracting the right attention. We’re here to bring your brand to life.

Benefits of digital printing for custom cosmetic and skincare labels

Digital printing is the innovative alternative to traditional printing technologies and the perfect fit for your business where exceptional quality, shorter runs and faster turnarounds are required.
  • Short runs

    Large volumes of labelling inventory become redundant when regulatory requirements change. The small runs made possible by custom digital printing mean less risk and greater cost efficiency.

  • Faster production times

    Unlike traditional printing options, digital printing doesn't require the creation of plates for each new job. This means that cosmetic and skincare labels can be finalised, put into production, and delivered to you much more quickly.

  • Multiple SKUs

    Many product lines in beauty and health care come in various sizes with different SKUs or barcodes. We offer print runs that can accommodate multiple SKUs.

  • Superior print quality

    Our digital technology enables crystal clear imagery and high-quality consistent colours, including specific hues, fine details and small fonts. Serial numbers, SKUs and barcodes are all sharp, and easy to read and scan.

  • Customisation and variable data

    Digital printing allows you to create a multitude of variations in the same run. Unique product numbers, messaging or QR codes that change from package to package are all possible.

  • Wide range of materials, finishes and embellishments

    Let our experts walk you through the wide range of finishes, embellishments, shapes and styles appropriate to your product to aid shelf presence and engage your consumer.

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We partner with some of Australia’s most loved and trusted brands to craft custom labelling and flexible packaging solutions that help products stand out and be noticed.

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