Our Label & Flexible Packaging Services

Labels and flexible packaging manufacturing require expert technical knowledge. Your account manager has deep experience and will advise, quote, liaise with our prepress team, proof, and provide your labels and flexible packaging in industry-leading turnarounds times. We are proud of the highly personalised, consistent and superior service we provide our clients. We invite you to experience the difference.

Technical expertise

Your experienced account manager will expertly navigate you through the complexities of the label and packaging production process, from concept to final application. 

They can offer qualified technical advice on every aspect of printing and know the variables that must be considered when packaging your products.  

The result is labels and packaging that are fit for their end-use environments and are perfect vehicles for your product and your brand.


Graphic designers create beautiful images that express the essence of your brand. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the files once we have received them. This is essential in ensuring each order is printed precisely to specification. Our team will thoroughly check all files, ensuring images have the proper resolution, correct fonts and that the colour scheme matches the specification.

Above & Beyond Service to Meet Your Needs

Our prepress team go above and beyond to support your vision.  All processes and components such as embellishments and metallisation are carefully matched to your specifications.

For assistance with margins, cutting knives and bleeds and roll directions, designers may download our artwork requirements, and our roll direction chart.

Alternatively, your Ultra account manager can also help.


Our proofing service provides you with an actual sample of the label so you can see what your design will look like before we start the printing process. We achieve this result by printing straight off the same press that will ultimately print your labels. This service allows the flexibility to make any crucial last-minute adjustments to design or colour.

Speed to Market

Whether it is a new product launch, line extension or just test marketing, our digital technology means you can order as few proofs as possible without making costly investments in traditional printing plates. Not only that, the artwork proofs will be on the same material specified for production. Speed to market is a reality with our digital technology as we can send proofs in 24 to 48 hours.

Digital Asset Management

You can be assured that your artwork files are safe at Ultra Labels. Your valuable artwork files are securely stored and backed up so that they will never be lost or destroyed should something unforeseen occur.

Account Services

Approved customers can enjoy a 30-day trading account. We accept many payment options, such as EFT, cheques or major credit cards. 

Upload your artwork

Current clients can upload their artwork by clicking onto the icon below. Your account manager will be automatically notified.

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Talk to one of our Product Specialists today. We will work together to produce the best Labels/Flexible Packaging that will elevate your brand and shelf presence.

How we can help

We partner with some of Australia’s most loved and trusted brands to craft custom labelling and flexible packaging solutions that help products stand out and be noticed.