Custom labels designed specifically for the Healthcare and Wellness sector

Custom labels designed specifically for the Healthcare and Wellness sector by Ultra Labels

When trust matters

You craft trusted, quality products that enhance the well-being of your customers. Your labels should be the mirror image of your commitment in the world of health and wellness, adhering to TGA regulations whilst visually echoing your pledge to excellence. With our custom label printing expertise and solutions, we empower you to make your mark on your products, communicating quality, safety, and all of the correct product information in a manner that’s easily accessible to the end user.

Your custom pharmaceutical labels must communicate your commitment to quality while fulfilling your TGA regulatory requirements
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We understand the importance of your label design and branding

At Ultra, we understand the power of a great label in enhancing brand recognition, particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors where the trust and confidence of your end user are paramount.
A well-thought-out label can mean the difference between a product that remains on the shelf and a product that resonates with consumers. With a keen understanding of the healthcare industry’s needs, our team brings a wealth of expertise to pharmaceutical label printing. We work closely with you, ensuring our labels are printed with exceptional quality and tight turnaround times.

Crafting quality custom pharmaceutical labels

Ultra is the team renowned for crafting custom pharmaceutical labels that don’t just catch the eye but also convey critical product information in a way that is clear and accessible. Your commitment to excellence in your products will be clear through the quality of your labels. The quality we produce ensures your labels are eye-catching and easy to read.

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The advantages of flexible packaging

A premium supplier

We’ve worked with businesses all across Australia, solidifying us as a premier supplier of pharmaceutical and cosmetic labels. Leveraging our vast printing capabilities, we deliver more than just labels — we create tools for your business to thrive.
We’re the printing partner helping your business stand out in the competitive healthcare market.

The benefits of digital printing

Digital printing is the innovative alternative to traditional printing technologies and the perfect fit for your business when short runs and fast turnarounds are required, without compromising on quality.
  • Short runs

    Large volumes of labelling inventory become redundant when regulatory requirements change. The smaller runs made possible by custom digital printing mean less risk and greater cost efficiency.

  • Faster production times

    Unlike traditional printing options, digital printing doesn’t require the creation of plates for each new job. This means designs can be put into production and delivered much more quickly.

  • Multiple SKUs

    Many product lines have various sizes or dosages with different SKUs or barcodes. We offer print runs that can accommodate multiple SKUs​.

  • Superior Print Quality

    Our digital technology enables crystal-clear imagery and high-quality, consistent colours, including specific hues, fine details and small fonts. Serial numbers, SKUs and barcodes and all sharp and easy to read and scan.

  • Customisation and variable data

    Digital printing allows you to create a multitude of variations in the same run. Unique product numbers, messaging or QR codes that change from package to package are all possible.

  • Wide range of materials, finishes and embellishments

    Let our experts walk you through our wide range of finishes and embellishments suitable for your product.

We take sustainability seriously

At Ultra, we’re committed to the environment and sustainability. Our ISO-certified manufacturing facilities abide by rigorous environmental standards, and we’ve optimised our waste management to lessen our carbon footprint. Through digital printing, we’ve scaled back the need for traditional film and plate processing, further reducing our environmental impact.
Our deployment of state-of-the-art HP Indigo technology not only ensures swift and economical label production but also promotes environmental conservation. This on-demand printing approach minimises waste and electricity consumption by providing exactly what you need when you need it. We carefully select sustainable label materials from innovative suppliers, ensuring striking print quality while promoting recyclable materials designed to mitigate the environmental impact of packaging.
By choosing Ultra, you’re not just getting high-quality labels — you’re making a statement about your commitment to a more sustainable future. Explore our page on Sustainability for a more detailed insight into how we work to make our products and processes more eco-friendly.


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