Ultra Labels commitment to the Environment is part of our company culture. By its very nature, digital printing represents a clear counterpoint to conventional printing – one that can have significant environmental effects.


For Instance


•  “Just in Time printing: increases efficiency while reducing waste. A central advantage for digital printing is its ability for providing on demand, “just in time” print services.


•  At Ultra you can order only what you need, when you need it, in the precise quantity, thus eliminating expensive waste. Conventional printing often produces more than required, with the remainder regularly thrown out.


• Further significantly reduced emissions due to lower storage and waste compared with conventional printing where obsolescence can be as high as 25% of total order.


• All waste materials are properly captured, stored, processed or otherwise disposed of. Ultra Labels espouses ISO14001 environmental management standards in manufacturing and our HP Indigo digital press is manufactured in compliance with these standards.


• The use of chemistry for film and plate processing is eliminated with digital printing as is set up waste in the printing process.


• Digital printing uses less electricity, and recycles more, which reduces the environmental impact significantly.


• At Ultra labels we are “Energy Intelligent” and you can be sure that your labels are printed with minimum impact on the environment.



Environmental Policy Statement





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